Indian Transplant Newsletter Vol. II Issue NO.: 7 (Jan-Mar 2001)
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Pig Organ Transplants set to get the NOD

Print ISSN 0972 - 1568

Xeno-transplantation is on an upswing in Britain. The British government may give the okay to use pig organs for transplantation in humans based on recommendations in a report by the United Kingdom Xeno-transplantation Interim Regulatory Authority. The authority was set up three years ago to monitor research and examine whether animal transplants were morally and scientifically justified. It  is proposed to have a regulatory  framework  with  tight control under which the operations  may  be allowed .One of the most crucial issues is the risk that some of the many viruses known  to  be harboured  by  pigs could be passed to humans. The safeguards would include setting up emergency teams to deal with any outbreaks of animal illnesses in transplant patients or people in contact with them. Organ recipients would have to sign contracts accepting lifetime monitoring, banning them from donating blood or having children and agreeing never to have sex without barrier contraception to avoid passing on viruses. Britain already has a herd of pigs modified with human genes to reduce the risk of rejection when their organs are transplanted into humans.

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