Indian Transplant Newsletter. Vol.21 Issue No.66, July 2022 - October 2022
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Organ Donation Awareness Programs

Indian Transplant Newsletter.
Vol.21 Issue No.66
July 2022 - October 2022
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Cycle Rally

An awareness cycle rally was organized by S A College of Arts and Science (SACAS), Chennai in association with MOHAN Foundation on August 12, 2022. 73 students and a volunteer from Hyundai participated and cycled 32km spreading awareness. The Tamil Nadu Police extended their support by escorting the cyclists throughout the journey. The Madras Medical Mission Hospital supported the event with medical professionals and an emergency ambulance. Through the 32km journey, over 650 awareness pamphlets were distributed and over 80 organ donation helpline stickers were struck on the vehicles.

Art Installations

‘Organ Donation Awareness Exhibition' with installations curated by Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) and Kamla Poddar Institute, Jaipur was inaugurated on August 7, 2022 at MFJCF Office (MOHAN Foundation - Jaipur Citizen Forum). The artwork put forth the idea of organ donation and honour to the deceased donors in a beautiful, heart-touching creative manner.

Flash Mob

Metro Stations and Irrum Manzil Mall, Hyderabad

On July 16, 2022, MOHAN Foundation in association with Kosmic Dance School and Ultimate Sound Pro conducted a series of flash mob at the metro rail stations in Hyderabad to sensitise the masses on organ donation. The dancers were between the age of 9 and 20 years who kept the audience hooked with their moves. This was the first time that such a event was performed at three metro rail stations where the dancers performed flash mob at a particular station and boarded the metro train to perform at the next metro station. This unique effort made the event a “Iconic” and “first-of-its-kind” in the state of Telangana. The event was culminated with a final performance at the Irrum Manzil Mall. Close to 2,000 people were sensitised through this effort and about 1500 people pledged to donate their organs and tissues.

World Trade Park, Jaipur

On August 13, 2022, MFJCF and Delhi Public School, Jaipur organized a Flash mob at World Trade Park to spread awareness about organ donation. As the students swung to modern beats and songs of patriotism, many joined the campaign to support the cause. Around 300 people pledged as organ donors and registered for a donor card.

Awareness drive using traditional art forms

Nexus Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai

An organ donation awareness drive was conducted at the Nexus Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai from September 15 -18, 2022. As part of the drive, a street play was performed by the students of Madras School of Social Work (MSSW). A bunch of volunteers from an NGO called Candles performed folk dances of Tamil Nadu with traditional music instruments such as Parai and Thavil. 'Life Before Ashes' - Art installations of human organs with the hard-hitting message - 'What has now become ashes, could have been another person's heart or kidney, if only the organs were donated' were kept for display throughout the event.

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