Indian Transplant Newsletter. Volume 22 Issue 3, October 2023 - December 2023
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Advancing Deceased Donation: China’s Progress and Challenges

Sunil Shroff
Indian Transplant Newsletter. 2023 Oct-Dec; 22(3):p2-3
Print ISSN 0972 - 1568

Between 2015 and the close of 2022, China witnessed over 40,200 deceased organ donations, resulting in 120,100 solid organs being donated. Furthermore, the China Organ Transplant Development Foundation (COTDF) reported that more than 6.55 million individuals have voluntarily registered for organ donation.

This disclosure came during the commencement of the 7th China-International Organ Donation Conference and the Belt & Road Symposium on Organ Donation and Transplantation International Cooperation Development held at Nanning, in December 2023.

Presently, China holds the second position globally and leads Asia in organ donations, offering significant aid to numerous patients in need. In 2022 alone, 5,628 deceased organ donations were recorded, marking a 6.75 percent rise from 2021.

Despite these strides, challenges persist. China's organ donors per million people (PMP) remains below 4, starkly contrasting with the 47 pmp observed in developed nations, as noted by Huang Jiefu, chairman of China Human Organ Donation and Transplantation Committee and the Chair of the COTDF Advisory Board.

Huang emphasized the shortage of hospitals and medical professionals in China equipped to meet the demand for organ transplants. He highlighted the efforts undertaken, including a draft revision to regulations on donation and transplantation of human organs adopted during an executive meeting by China's State Council in October. This revision aims to establish a transparent system for monitoring organ donation procedures, enhance ethical oversight, and combat organ-related crimes.

Huang described the revision as a step towards purging any malpractices in China's organ donation system, reflecting the government's commitment to prioritizing organ donation. He stressed the importance of increased transparency and public participation in organ donation, expressing hope that China's organ transplantation expertise will extend to Belt and Road Initiative countries.

Dr. Sunil Shroff, the past president of Indian Society of Organ Transplantation (ISOT) delivered a plenary talk on the ‘International Cooperation and Empowering Transplant Programs in South Asia’.

The Belt & Road Symposium on Organ Donation and Transplantation International Cooperation Development concluded with a commitment to collaborative action plans aimed at achieving self-sufficiency in organ donation through enhanced leadership, management, quality control, and technological innovation.

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