Indian Transplant Newsletter. Volume 22 Issue 2, July 2023 - September 2023
Print ISSN 0972 - 1568

Making the Tough Ask: Recalling the Counselling Experience for Hand Donation

Amit Joshi
Indian Transplant Newsletter. 2023 Jul-Sep; 22(2):p5.
Print ISSN 0972 - 1568

Approaching families for hand donation presented a unique challenge, especially in Indore where such requests had never been made before. Without previous experiences to guide me, I leaned on my background in organ donation discussions. The families' primary concern was about the potential disfigurement caused by donation. To address this, I sourced educational videos on hand donation and collaborated with the medical team to clarify the procedure, reassuring families that prosthetics used post-donation would allow for dignified last rites without visible alterations.


This endeavor, though daunting, was deeply fulfilling. It was a privilege to witness the remarkable generosity of a family consenting to donate, transforming the most hardest situation into a gift of hope.


This act of kindness culminated in a life-altering transplant for a young woman in Mumbai, coincidentally on the eve of her 18th birthday. The timing was serendipitous, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life - a gift beyond comparison.

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