Indian Transplant Newsletter. Vol.20 Issue No.62. March 2021 - June 2021
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Anudaan - Making Transplants Affordable

Indian Transplant Newsletter.
Vol.20 Issue No.62. March 2021 - June 2021
Print ISSN 0972 - 1568
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MOHAN Foundation is happy to announce its new endeavour, ‘Anudaan – Making Transplants Affordable’ for providing help to the economically poor and needy patients so that they can also have access to life-saving organ donation and transplantation.


Organ transplant costs are exorbitant and a huge number of organ failure patients are not benefiting from this life-saving procedure advancement in medicine as they are ill-equipped to bear the financial burden of the transplant and subsequent follow-ups. Anudaanaims to support such economically disadvantaged patients by joining hands with philanthropic individuals, corporates and other NGOs and by helping such patients raise funds through crowdfunding.

There are very few public hospitals performing transplants. More than 95% of organ transplants especially of organs like livers and hearts are currently performed in the private sector where costs range from Rs. 20 to 25 lakhs. Even relatively less complex kidney transplants cost between Rs. 8 to 10 lakhs. More State Governments need to pave the way for making transplants affordable and help patients with post-transplant medication support. Till then, NGOs and such entities need to come forward to bridge the gap.


Any requests for financial help under 'Anudaan' are accepted only from the hospital authorities. Patients with annual household income of less than or equal to Rs. 5 lakhs are considered as eligible for help. The hospital is expected to offer support to the poor patient via a subsidized transplant cost, possibly under their CSR. This gives a lot of comfort to the Anudaan Committee as the Hospital themselves are demonstrating their commitment to helping poor patients. Finally, the Anudaan Committee also reviews funds raised/committed by self/family/friends or through other Trusts/Foundations, to look at the gap and thereafter commit its support. 

Since its launch in January, Anudaan has supported 3 young, bright girls with their transplants.

Miss AaradhyaAkunuri, 6 years, Sirsapalli Village, Huzurabad, Telangana     

Underwent Liver Transplant on Jan 16, 2021 at Global Hospital, Hyderabad

Anudaan contributed 8.5 lakhs raised with the help of philanthropic individuals


“I thank everyone who worked round the clock to bring back smiles to our family. We will always be grateful to MOHAN Foundation, MFJCF and Transplants - Help the poor Foundation”. - Winner Akunuri, Father of Aaradhya Kumari

Mrs. J. Susmitha, 27 years, Village Agapet, Telangana

Underwent Kidney Transplant on Apr 1, 2021 at Kamineni Hospital, Hyderabad

Anudaan contributed 2 lakhs & worked with the hospital to bring down the transplant cost


“I am very happy now. With support from MOHAN Foundation, the transplant went very smoothly without any fear. MOHAN Foundation is truly God’s gift to us. I now feel confident about returning to a full-time job.” - SomaniJatothu, Susmitha’s Husband

Miss Sujatha Chougule, 21 years, Goa

Underwent Liver Transplant on Apr 19, 2021 at Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru

Anudaan contributed 2.5 lakhs


“I would like to thank MOHAN Foundation as they have done a very good job. Without them, my sister’s liver transplant was not possible. They have given her a new life.”-SanikaChowgule, Sister of Sujatha Chougule

-        Preeti Goswami

Programme Officer (Delhi-NCR)

MOHAN Foundation

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