Indian Transplant Newsletter. Vol.17 Issue No.: 52 November 2017 - February 2018
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His heart will go on

Indian Transplant Newsletter.
Vol.17 Issue No.: 52 November 2017 - February 2018
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Little Elaine tightly held her mother's petite hand out of nervousness, because of the new surroundings. 'Where are we going, Ma?' she asked, probably for the seventh time. 'Be patient, dear', her mother replied, for the seventh time. Elaine looked out of the taxi's window, while impatiently tapping her feet. She soon fell asleep. Elaine was awoken by the immediate halting of the cab, much to her happiness. She eagerly got off the cab,still holding her mother's hand firmly.

Her eyes wandered on either side of the street. The streets were surrounded by greenery as far as Elaine's tiny eyes could see. Mrs Williams guided Elaine to a huge, modern residence, which was very unfamiliar to Elaine.

As her mother rang the doorbell, Elaine waited, wondering what was the reason behind her mother's secrecy. After a moment or two, the door opened, revealing a tall and young gentleman, dressed in a rather formal attire, with a nervous smile plastered across his face. 'Mrs Williams, pleasure to meet you', he greeted. Mrs Williams shook the hand he had extended and gestured Elaine to do the same. Elaine was a pretty shy girl and not one to mingle with strangers. But she did what her mother asked her to.

'That's a very beautiful dress, Elaine', said the man.

'T-thank you', she said, nervous enough to not even make eye contact. 'Please, come inside', the man said, making way for us to enter.

They entered his house and took a seat on the modern couch, much too modern for Elaine and her mother, considering they both lived in a rather out-dated house with very obsolete gadgets. 'How are you recovering, Mr Johnson?' Mrs Williams asked the man, after he had seated himself opposite the mother and daughter.

'Were you sick, Mr Johnson?' Elaine asked, out of the blue. She hated when anyone was ill, and definitely hated hospitals. 'Because I had flu two weeks ago', she added.

Mr Johnson chuckled, and said – 'Please, call me Ed. And yes, I'm much better, thank you.’

He then looked at Elaine and replied – 'Well, I was unwell, but now with the doctor's help, I'm much better, Elaine'. Elaine nodded.

'Elaine, do you want to see the toy room we have over here?' he asked. 'There's a separate room for that?? Can I go, Ma?' Elaine asked, springing up from her seat.

'Of course, sweetie', her mother allowed.

Elaine hurriedly followed Ed into a newly furnished room, with a variety of toys that she would have never thought existed. 'Are they for me?' she asked. 'Yes, of course!' he replied. Elaine hugged the stranger immediately and he was taken aback. She ran and started playing, while the man made his way back to Mrs Williams.

Are you positive she'll take the news well?' Ed asked Mrs Williams. 'I hope, because she was very close to her dad', she replied.

He nodded and looked out of the window, into infinity. A while later, Mrs Williams called Elaine out into the living room. 'But I wanna play!' she sulked.

'There's a thing I wanna tell you, Elly', her Mother started. Elaine sat next to Ed and listened to her mother. 'So, do you know where daddy is, darling?' Mrs Williams asked, taking a deep breath after her sentence.

'Yes, you said he went to God to ask for a doll for me', she replied, innocently.

'Yes, but I want to tell you something else too. Your father, he–' Mrs Williams couldn't complete her sentence without tearing up.

'May I?' Ed asked, much to Mrs Williams' surprise. She nodded. 'You know, your daddy is a hero', he started, smiling.

'Like Superman?' Elaine asked. 'No, even better', Ed said.

'Did he save our city from evil guys?' Elaine asked.

'Not really, but he saved my life. I was sick, and he is God to me. There is no one else that I'd worship but him. My heart had stopped working, and your daddy, our superhero, gave me his own heart', Ed said, waiting for Elaine's reaction.

Elaine paused for a second, trying to digest all the information she had just received in a minute. After processing all of it, something unexpected happened.

Elaine placed her ear on Ed's chest, listening to his heart beat. Her eyes filled with tears of joy, and she knew her dad was really a superhero. Much better than superman, batman or any other. Ed embraced the little child, looking up towards heaven, as if trying to thank his heart donor. Elaine stayed there for what seemed like forever, and started talking to her “father”.

'I've missed you, daddy. And I know you might not get me a doll, but you got Ed a heart, and I'm so proud of you. Thank you for everything Daddy, and Ed wants to say something, too', Elaine said, which made her mother smile.

'Yes, thanks Mr Williams. Thank you for saving my life, and when I say thanks, I mean not only me but my whole family as well. I was born with all the riches and luxuries of life, but the greatest treasure I could have gotten was the gift of rebirth, that you gave me. You're not only a superhero to your lovely daughter, but also to me and my entire family. I sincerely thank you, sir,' Ed said, joining his hands as if praying.

Elaine and Ed talked for a very long time, after which it was time to leave. While at the threshold, Elaine looked at Ed and asked him a question.

'Ed, can I call you “dad”?’

'I don't see why not, Elly', he said, hugging the innocent kid. He was a hero, not only to me, but also my family.


- Divya Jairam

9th Grade, Euro School

Thane, Maharashtra


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