Indian Transplant Newsletter Vol. VII Issue NO.: 24 (Oct 2006 - Feb 2007)
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Inspiring gesture from an Army Man……..

Indian Transplant Newsletter.
Vol. VII Issue NO.: 24 (Oct 2006 - Feb 2007)
Print ISSN 0972 - 1568
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Saving lives is thought to be the domain of doctors, but that is what the defense forces  of a country  aim to do well. Major S K Singh of the Artillery Regiment performed that task most admirably when he agreed to donate the  organs of his brain dead father. Shri P. N.  Singh (72) was a retired schoolteacher. He was brought to the Army Research and Referral Hospital In New Delhi on January 9, 2007 following a brain haemorrahage and a massive stroke. He was treated for two days, but did not respond, at which time, doctors at the hospital pronounced him brain dead.

The ethical Committee of the Army Hospital than approached the family to consider organ donation and Major Singh gave his consent. The corneas and liver were retrieved. The liver was successfully transplanted to a 45 year old Hyderabad based man suffering from an end stage liver ailment.  Colonel A K Seth, chief coordinator for organ donation, said at a team of doctors flew from Hyderabad on January 11,2007 and retrieved the liver. It was taken to Hyderabad the same evening and was transplanted to the patient immediately.

The Army proposes to highlight Major S K Singh’s gesture to inspire others.  At least 200 persons serving personnel and their family members die of liver diseases every year.

“We will write about this in the internal magazine,  make a mention at meetings and  interactions at all levels and most importantly network with nine major  army hospitals across  the country.” said Brigadier R. P. Choubey, head of the Liver Transplant Section.

The Army Hospital in  New Delhi, which has been transplanting  cornea, kidney and bone marrow, is all set  to undertake liver transplants. It has a state of the art liver transplant centre and 19 doctors and paramedics trained in the UK.


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