Indian Transplant Newsletter. Vol.7 Issue No.24. October 2006 - Feb 2007
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Getting the best out of your transplant-tips from a kidney recipient

Indian Transplant Newsletter.
Vol.7 Issue No.24. October 2006 - Feb 2007
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I am a kidney transplant recipient surviving for the last 23 years by God’s Grace and the blessings of my elders especially my brother who was the donor. I would like to share my experience and a few suggestions with the readers.


Name  : M.S. Chakravarthy

Problem : Renal Failure


Donor : M S Rajagopal (Elder Brother)

Date of Operation : 2 May 1983

Hospital : All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi


The kidney transplant operation was successful and I was discharged from the hospital after 17 days with the instruction to follow up with the Medical OPD every week. The medicines prescribed at that time were IMMURAN (AZATHIOPRINE) 150mg and PREDNISOLONE 20 mg.

a)      During the first year, my blood pressure was high, but kept under control with medicines; this lasted for three months and then returned to normal with reduction of medicines step by step. Since then my blood pressure has been maintained at 120/80 mmHg.

b)      My weight at the time of operation was 48 kg. Three months after the operation, I started putting on weight and almost touched 85 kg. Slowly my medicines were reduced to minimum dosage as per directions from the doctors. My weight has been within normal limits since then.

c)       I was a regular visitor of the Medical OPD at AIIMS, New Delhi, for routine checkup. I got married on the advice of the doctors in 1986. Unfortunately, I have no children. I consulted doctors in this regard and after thorough tests they left the issue to God. However, my wife and I have no regrets.

d)      Till 1994, I was under the care of AIIMS, New Delhi and after that I settled down in Chennai and got myself enrolled with Stanley Medical College, Chennai. Here also I visit the OPD once in a month for medical checkup and medicines that I get from the hospital. Presently I am taking AZATHIOPRINE 50mg – OD and PREDNISOLONE 5mg – OD.

e)      I perform my normal duties. I travel by bus, bike, etc. I have clean habits. I eat on time and also take the medicine as prescribed by my doctors. I drink only boiled water and avoid taking food and water from outside as far as possible.


Medicines are a constant factor in life of patients who have had transplants and they cannot be avoided. But being on these medicines continuously causes certain side effects. In my case, prednisolone affected the skin due to which I have small black spots on my entire body including my face.


I would like to give some suggestions to the transplanted patients:

  • Take medicines as prescribed by the doctors.
  • Eat meals on time.
  • Do your normal duties.
  • Last but not the least; please do not think that you are a patient. Be cheerful.


Newly transplanted patients must take note of the following points:

  • Take all of your medications exactly as prescribed, it is very important.
  • Be alert for signs of rejection, like decreased urine output, swelling, pain or tenderness over your kidney and inform doctors immediately.
  • Diet is very important. Many people think they can eat anything after a transplant. This is basically true, but you will need to limit your intake of certain foods. A good diet will be of great help in making you not only feel better, but also look better.
  • Exercise is even more important now than before. The steroids (prednisolone) can produce muscle weakness if exercise is neglected.

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