Indian Transplant Newsletter Vol. VI Issue NO.: 19 (February 2005)
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For a great charity, a small Acknowledment

Indian Transplant Newsletter.
Vol. VI Issue NO.: 19 (February 2005)
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The MOHAN Foundation chapter in Andhra Pradesh organized a programme in honor of the great souls who donated their organs to light up the lives of others. The sentimental programme was held on 14th august in green park hotel. His Excellency, Shri Surjeet Singh Barnala, governor of Andhra Pradesh was the chief guest.  Shri K.R. Suresh Reddy, honorable speaker, A.P. legislative assembly was the guest of honor.  Other chairpersons on the dais were, Dr. D.K. rajgopal, Dr. kakrala subbarao, Dr. mohammad Rala- liver transplant surgeons. The event was fittingly titled- FOR A GREAT CHARITY, A SMALL AKNOWLEDGMENT.

All the members of the donor families were personally invited by MOHAN foundation. The function was well attended by many reputed doctors from city hospitals, financial sponsors, member volunteers, press and media.  Photographs of all the donors were put up in the auditorium to honor them and to motivate other members of the public towards organ donation.

The governor of Andhra Pradesh and the hon’ble speaker were received by the trustees and members of MOHAN foundation. Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram, trustee of MOHAN foundation, gave the welcome address and she also gave a brief introduction about the importance of the day’s event. This was followed by lighting of the lamp. He guests were then honored, Dr. Sunil Shroff, the managing trustee of MOHAN Foundation, read the activity report of MOHAN Foundation and elucidated the need for a stronger advocacy of cadaver transplantation programmers. 

The governor gave an excellent speech and he requested each one of the invitees to sign the donor card.  MRS. Lalitha Raghuram presented an audio-visual documentation on each donor and ho w the donation was handles in detail, the audience as moved to tears seeing the noble work of the donors and the relatives of the donor families were then given a memento in memory of their loved ones.


Though they have ceased to exist, these people continue to live in the hearts and souls of numerous people

  1. Smt. Alamelu Srnivasan, a 41 year old lady, met with an accident while travelling on a two-wheeler with her husband. She was admitted in Apollo hospital vikrampuri, in a state of unconsciousness. She was declared brain dead. Her husband MR. Srinivasan, a kind hearted person, consented to donate her organs to needy patients.
  2. A young bride, 23, consumed pesticide on the 3rd day of her marriage after she learned that her husband already had a family. She was rushed to Jaya hospital, warrangal, on 8th march 2003, she was declared brain dead on 9th march 2003. Her father and mother, consented to donate their daughter’s eyes, kidney and liver. 
  3. Shri, Bhagat singh, a 31 year old young man, fell off the electricity pole while at work on 25th may 2033. He suffered severe head injury and was declared brain dead after giving no response to medical treatment. MOHAN Foundation counselors motivated his family and his father consented to donate his eyes, kidney and liver.
  4. Smt. Vijayalakshmi, 67, was a popular social worker and a juvenile court judge. On 8th august 2003, she suffered cerebral hemorrhage and was rushed to safe hospital in Vijayawada. Her condition worsened and she was declared brain dead on 12th august 2003. Her relatives consented to donate her eyes and liver.
  5. Shri. Nooka Raju, 55, was brought to the global hospitals, Hyderabad, after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage on 17th December 2003. He was declared brain dead on 23rd December 2003. His family consented to donate his corneas and liver.
  6. Sri. Swamy Narayan, a 19 year old BE student was travelling to nagarjunasagar in a car to celebrate his birthday with his friends on the evening of 13 January 2004. Fate willed it otherwise and the car in which they were travelling fell into a 20 feet deep ditch in the outskirts of
  7. Hyderabad. Swamy was rushed to kamini hospital in an unconscious state. He was declared brain dead on the morning of January 14. His parents consented to donate his eyes, kidneys and liver. 


  1. Sri. Kishan, a driver by profession, met with a road traffic accident on 3rd February 2004, near Toopran, Medak Dt, A. P. He was returning from a wedding when the accident occurred on 5th February, Kishan was declared brain dead and his brothers were motivated to donate his organs. Kishan’s case was the first multi-organ donation, i.e., all organs – eyes, heart, liver and kidneys were retrieved. He gave life to six persons.
  2. Smt. Rekha Sardar was admitted to Lokamanya Hospital, Pune on 23rd February 2004, and was diagnosed to have had an intracerebral blled. She was declared brain dead on 25th February. Her husband agreed her liver, kidneys and eyes.
  3. Master, Aditya Kaushik, a bright young 9-year old boy, was enjoying his summer vacation playing on the terrace of his house. The flowers of Gulmohar tree caught his attention and he decided to lean forward and pluck the flowers. He lost his balance and fell down. His parents rushed him to the hospital. The accident occurred on 7th May 2004 and he was declared brain dead on May 9th. Adithya’s parents, Shri Dinesh and Smt Sita, even in their deep grief and shock were willing to be counseled and agreed to donate his eyes, kidneys, liver and heart. Aditya gave a new lease of life to five persons.

10.  Smt. Mastan Bee, 30years old, underwent surgery for Right Thalamic Giloma on 11th May 2004. She was declared brain dead on 14th May. Her Husband, Sheil Nanne Saheb, consented to donate her eyes and kidneys.

11.  Sr. Sreenu, 31years old met with an accident and he was brought to the Global Hospitals, Hyderabad, in an unconscious state by the police on May 7th. His condition worsened and he was declared brain dead on 31st May 2004. MOHAN Foundation counselled the mother who consented to donate her son’s eyes, kidneys and liver. Sreenu gave the precious gift of life to five needy persons.

12.  Sri Dhoola Bhai, who hailed from Rajkot, met with an accident near Kukkapally on 28th May 2004. He was admitted to BBR Hospital, Balanagar. Dhoola Bhai was immediately ventilated, but was declared brain dead on 29th May. On 1st June 2004, his father, brother and wife same from Porbundar and they consented to donate his eyes, Kidneys and liver.

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