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MOHAN Foundation’s project “Gift Hope, Gift Life”, supported by SBI Foundation wins Gold at the SKOCH CSR Awards


Ms Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director (MF) and Ms Arati Gokhale,Convenor, ZTCC (Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee), Pune underwent Gift of Life Institute’s (GOLI) Mini Fellowship in Organ Donation from October 15-26, 2018 in USA. This fellowship was facilitated under the auspices of the International Cooperation Agreement signed between Gift of Life Institute, Philadelphia and MOHAN Foundation in 2015. One of the objectives of the agreement was facilitating the enhancement of the deceased donation and transplantation program in India through education and training of donation and transplantation professionals in the country. The Mini Fellowship was sponsored through an educational grant from MOHAN, USA, Inc. which is a 501(c) (3) registered non-profit organization that was formed to increase awareness about organ shortage and promote transparency and ethical organ transplantation in India and the rest of the world (
Gift of Life Donor Program, Philadelphia is the largest non-profitOrgan Procurement Organization (OPO) in USA that serves easternPennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware. It facilitated 565 organ donations in 2017 that resulted in 1,546 transplants (50 donors per million population) – the highest volume in the U.S.
The Mini Fellowship comprised didactic sessions, observational learning, workshops and special events.
Didactic Sessions
Gift of Life Donor Program manages every facet of the donation process, coordinates the recovery of organs and tissues, and allocatesthe organs to suitable recipients as per UNOS allocation policies. All these aspects were covered by the experts during the following didactic
History of organ donation in US and the Gift of Life Donor program -overview (along with a tour)
Family Communication Models
Transplant Pregnancy Registry International
Donation and Transplant Analytics (DATA)
Transplant Information Center and Organ Allocation
Family Support Services
Two-Day Workshop on Family Empowerment through Effective Advocacy: Averting and Overcoming Obstacles to Donation
Pallavi and Arati attended a two-day Worksop on Dual Advocacy by Patti Mulvania at the Gift of Life Institute. The workshop covered the following topics:
The intersection between Donation, Culture and Religion
Timely and Goal Oriented FDCs: Triggers and Goals
Self-Care and Maintaining Professional Boundaries
Managing Intense Emotions
-Before the Donation Conversation: Setting it Up to Go Well
-When a Child Dies – The Unique impact of Pediatric loss on Hospital Staff and Donation Professionals
Strategy and Skill Building: From Strategy to Results
The workshop consisted of many individual and group exercises and role plays that offered the participants an opportunity to understand situations better and plan their own responses.
Donation Champion Learning Session:
Pallavi and Arati attended a Donation Champion Learning Session titled ‘Supporting Families and Sharing Best Practices’. It was a day long workshop at the Lankenau Medical Center that addressed criticalcare staff on the following aspects:
- Role of the Donation Champion in improving organ donation outcomes
- Communicating best demonstrated practices: The optimal process
- Effective approach to optimizing Donation opportunities
- Determination of and communication surrounding brain death
- Clinical Evaluation and Management of the potential organ donor
A panel discussion on “Patient and Family Perspectives” was also a part of the workshop. The panel comprised a donor family member, a double lung transplant recipient, a potential recipient awaiting kidney transplant and an expert from Family Support Services, Gift of Life Donor Program. This gave the audience an understanding of the perspective of a donor family, the trials of awaiting a transplant and new lease of life with the help of a gifted organ
Observational Learning
Pallavi and Arati spent a day at the Transplant Information Centre (TIC) listening in to calls from hospitals regarding potential donors and counselling for tissue donation. They also observed how an In-House Coordinator manages shifting of organs from other states and does allocation as per the UNOS guidelines.
The TIC works 24X7. The TIC gets a referral within one hour of patient death or when the death certificate is completed and is provided  with the basic information such as patient demographics, date and time of death, cause of death etc.
The main goal is for Gift of Life to speak with the family and offer the opportunity of tissue donation. The Gift of Life arranges for use of an
OR, or transportation of the body to Gift of Life for the recovery of the donated tissue
Visit to Einstein Medical Center:
A visit to Einstein Medical Center was organized during the fellowship.
This gave them the opportunity to interact with the liver and kidney coordinators and to understand the pre-transplant counselling and post-transplant follow-up with kidney and liver recipients. They also had the opportunity to observe the multi-disciplinary team meeting onlisting patients on the liver waitlist registry.
During the visit to the hospital, they were able to spend time at the HLA lab as well.
Visit to Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation:
The fellowship offered them the unique opportunity of visiting the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) located in Jessup,Pennsylvania. Mr. Barry Demanski, Associate Director- Operations took them on a tour of the entire facility. There was so much knowledge to be gained and it was fascinating to learn about the exactingstandards set to ensure the quality of tissue graft.
Pallavi and Arati also had the opportunity to interact with Mr Domenick Buonocore (Vice President, Processing), Angela McCord (Manager, D o n o r S c h e d u l i n g ) a n d L a u r a M a c o n e g h y ( M a n a g e r Distribution/Inventory Control)
Life and Legacy – Honoring Organ and Tissue Donors and Their Families
Pallavi and Arati also had an opportunity to attend “Life and Legacy” - an event held to honor Organ, Tissue and Cornea Donors and their families for their generous gifts. The event was held at Blackwood, New Jersey on October 21, 2018.
Visit to Gift of Life Family House
Pallavi and Arati visited the Gift of Life Family House, a unique initiative of Gift of Life Donor Program. The family house serves as a "home away from home" for transplant patients and their families by providing lodging and other support services at an affordable price. “Home Cook Heroes Program” was a distinct approach of Family House toengage volunteers. With a true sense of generosity, these volunteers come and prepare meals for transplant patients and families at the Family House every day.
Mr Howard M. Nathan, President and CEO, Gift of Life Donor Program, Ms. Theresa Daly, Director, Gift of Life Institute, the faculty and staff made the Mini Fellowship a warm and enriching experience.

Earlier in 2018, MOHAN Foundation launched the ‘Life Before Ashes’ campaign, aimed at spreading a poignant yet hard hitting message –‘What has now become ashes, could have been another person’s heart or kidney, if only the organs were donated’. The Foundation created a set of art installations of human organs to highlight this urgency and set the public thinking about organ donation. The human organ installations, in the shape of a heart, kidney, liver and eyes were made from a mix of real human ashes and mud from the graves and have been on display at malls and hospitals all across India.


At the Big Bang Awards 2018, organized by the Advertising Club Bangalore on 28th September 2018 at the Ritz Carlton, Bengaluru, the campaign was recognized as the ‘Creative Campaign of the Year’, while also winning 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze metals in various other categories.


At the Abby’s 2018 organized by the Advertising Club Mumbai during 5-7th April 2018 at Grand Hyatt, Goa, it won 2 Gold metals along with 7 Silvers, featuring across a large number of categories including Print, Print Craft, Out of Home, Ambient, PR, Branded Content as well as Integrated. It also won 2 Golds at the Outdoor Advertising Convention Awards 2018 at Renaissance, Mumbai on 28th July 2018.


On 19th September 2018, MOHAN Foundation’s project ‘Gift Hope, Gift Life – Augmenting deceased organ donation program in India’, supported by SBI Foundation, was conferred the SKOCH CSR GOLD award 2018 (Top Category), at Delhi. The CSR support lent by SBI Foundation and the commitment shown by its top management were highly appreciated. The highlights of the project were the lives that were saved through the Organ Donation Toll Free Helpline, through training of transplant coordinators, doctors, nurses and surgeons.


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